Hidden away in the Gold Coast Hinterland, is the Tamborine Mountain Distillery. This is Australia’s smallest operating Pot Still Distillery, but of world renown, including in Europe, America, Canada, New Zealand and Asia.

With the Combination of rich red volcanic soils and fresh Spring Water, the abundant fruit of the Mountain is fermented and distilled.

A small Pot Still is used to create the superb spirit which is the essence and foundation of Liqueurs, Schnapps, Vodka and Eaux de Vie.

Although Michael and Alla Ward’s Distillery has only been open a short time (July 1998) they have already established a very enviable reputation as creators of high quality liqueurs, vodkas, schnapps and eaux-de-vie. This reputation, largely developed by word of mouth, has seen people coming not only from all Australian states but America, Europe and Asia as well.

The Distillery’s products have won awards in America (Chicago, San Francisco) and Europe (London, Belgium, Germany, Austria).

The incredible range of fruit that is grown on Tamborine Mountain is a wonderful resource for the Ward’s to draw from to produce their variety of Liqueurs and Schnapps. The Distillery also receives a considerable diversity of fruit from other growers which they turn into beautiful, smooth, Schnapps, Liqueurs, Fruit Brandy, Gins and Vodkas.

The Wards have received nationwide coverage in the print media and national and international television coverage. In an endeavour to enhance the personal touch by being able to relate to small groups in telling their story, the Wards have deliberately made their driveway narrow to preclude bus loads of people arriving en masse.