2007 – yumsugar website review of 2007 Winter Fancy Food Show (USA) – video of Michael Ward

Mon, 01/29/2007 – 1:48pm by YumSugar

“One of my favorite things at the entire show was the Tamborine Mountain Distillery booth.
At first I was just wild for founder Michael Ward (when you watch the video you’ll find out why, he’s so amazingly charismatic and fun!), but after tasting several of the infused liqueurs as well as the Australian Vodka Company vodkas, I was wild for their product too. They were all deliciously smooth(seriously, the Lemon Myrtle vodka was amazing) and beautiful (the liqueur bottles are all hand-painted). Besides, he’s a great storyteller and like I said, I was wild for him too. To check out their history in Michael Ward’s own words, watch the video …”