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Coconut Rum (Kurumba) Liqueur

Coconut Rum (Kurumba) Liqueur
Coconut Rum (Kurumba) Liqueur

Coconut Rum (Kurumba) Liqueur

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This Coconut Rum Liqueur presents a pale amber hue and entices with rich aromas and flavors reminiscent of sun-warmed coconut, pepper, and honey. Its silky, vibrant texture carries a fruity sweetness within a medium-to-full body, culminating in an intriguing, medium-long finish. Notes of dried fruits, delicate flowers, spices, and cane linger, creating a delightful Caribbean-style liqueur that boasts a still character, destined to shine in cocktails.

Savour it neat over ice, with soda water, or lemonade; This Liqueur imparts a delightful tropical essence that beautifully elevates cocktails, especially when complemented with a splash of refreshing coconut water or the vibrant tang of pineapple juice.

ABV 30%

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