Passionfruit Paradise Spritz

Passionfruit Paradise Spritz


45 ml TMD Passionfruit Liqueur

90 ml chilled prosecco or sparkling wine

30 ml soda water

Fresh passionfruit pulp

Ice cubes

Fresh mint leaves for garnish



Start by filling a wine glass with ice cubes. Next, pour TMD Passionfruit Liqueur into the glass, infusing it with a delightful tropical burst of flavour. Follow this with chilled prosecco or sparkling wine to create a lively effervescence in your Spritz. Add soda water to bring in a pleasant fizz. For an extra layer of flavour and texture, spoon in fresh passionfruit pulp, making sure to capture the essence of this tropical fruit. To garnish your spritz, add fresh mint leaves for a refreshing touch.