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Spiced Christmas Liqueur

Spiced Christmas Liqueur
Spiced Christmas Liqueur

Spiced Christmas Liqueur

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Our Spiced Christmas Liqueur is a delightful concoction that encapsulates the essence of the holiday season in every drop. This blend harmonises the rich, matured rum with a medley of exotic spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, pimento, clove, and vanilla pod, resulting in a deep, gleaming gold elixir with a polished brass allure.

As you raise your glass, an inviting warmth embraces you, reminiscent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. The first sip reveals an enchanting fusion of flavours, with cinnamon and spiced honey creating a nostalgic and cosy sensation. A perfect balance of ginger and exotic spices, akin to a well-crafted blend of black tea, cinnamon, fennel, clove, and a hint of black pepper, dances in harmony on your palate.

The full-bodied heat gently gives way to a delicate, lingering flavour that recalls the warmth of cardamom and the spices found in Christmas puddings. The finish is an exquisite encore of vanilla, nutmeg, and caramel, ensuring the spirit of the holidays lingers on your taste buds.

ABV 24%

The Spiced Christmas Liqueur can be enjoyed straight, unchilled, and even over ice with a hint of fresh orange for a touch of zest. It also serves as an excellent base for crafting cocktails that embody the season’s festive charm, making it an essential addition to your holiday celebrations.

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